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Visiting Speaker Awards

The Office of Interdisciplinary & Cross Campus Affairs is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity to bring scholars to Campus to promote interdisciplinary and cross campus education, research, and service at UCLA.

This program is designed to support recognized leaders in different fields of academia to visit UCLA for up to a week of activities designed to promote collaboration across Schools, Divisions, and Departments. The goal of the program is to encourage Schools, Divisions and other units to find areas of mutual programmatic interest and to explore these intersections with the help of visiting experts.


Open to all regular UCLA faculty members. To be eligible for funding, proposals must include collaborations of faculty from at least three different Campus units from the following list:

  • Professional School
  • College Division
  • Organized Research Unit (ORU)
  • Center for Interdisciplinary Instruction (CII)

At least one of the planned events must be open to the entire campus community and public, and proposals that include one or more chances for undergraduate and/or graduate students from the participating units to engage with the visiting scholar in small group settings will receive preference. Priority will also be given to collaborative events that engage a broader range of faculty and students from across Schools, Divisions, or Units.


Outside scholar visits must be completed within one calendar year of award issue and must take place during the regular academic year (not during summer session). It is anticipated that the visiting scholar will participate in a series of different activities that might include presentations, program or research planning meetings and/or seminars.


Applications for Fall 2019 awards are due Friday, November 8, 2019.

Applications received by Friday, November 1st will be reviewed for eligibility and completeness.


Awards announcements for Fall 2019 awards will be made no later than December 13, 2019.


Proposals must be submitted using the application form at the link below and should consist of a narrative (less than 1500 words) and address the following questions:

  • What educational, research or programmatic interdisciplinary goal(s) do the participating units hope to advance through this collaboration, and how will the participating units collectively work to realize this goal?
  • How would this scholar's visit to UCLA facilitate the sponsoring units' interdisciplinary programs or goals?
  • What activities or resources are in place or are planned to further collaboration across the participating units after the scholar's visit?
  • Please describe any new or existing interdisciplinary programs (education, research, other) that are likely to occur or be strengthened as a result of this visit.

In addition, each proposal should list the involved faculty, their school and departmental affiliation, and their role/contribution to the event. Proposals should include a brief biography of the visiting speaker and his/her relevance to the proposed area of collaboration as well as a short description of the planned events/activities. Each proposal must be accompanied by a budget including any additional sources of funding as well as a budget justification (less than 1000 words). Proposals must list the proposed main coordinator(s) for the events.


Proposals may be funded in whole or in part at the discretion of the Review Committee, although no single award will exceed $15,000. Funding may be used to support speaker travel and related expenses, receptions, planning meetings and honoraria.

Award Criteria

Proposals will be ranked based on the following criteria:

  • New or non-traditional collaborations as opposed to those where interdisciplinary engagement already is occurring or for which external funding is more readily available
  • Likelihood of leading to on-going collaboration or a major initiative such as facilitating a large-scale interdisciplinary grant proposal
  • Matching support from participating units, in-kind or otherwise
  • Advance UCLA's national or international standing in innovative fields
  • Disciplinary diversity of the applicants (for example, a four school proposal is more likely to be funded than a three school proposal, other factors being equal)

Application Process

Please complete the Visiting Scholars Funding Competition Application Form. Please direct any questions to Laurel Grzesik, Program Communications Officer, Interdisciplinary & Cross Campus Affairs: [email protected]

Please note, the application system will accept only one Visiting Speaker proposal per applicant. If you are part of multiple submissions, please have other faculty participants create an account and submit the additional proposal.


Past Awards

In keeping with its mission, core values, and collegial spirit, the Office of Interdisciplinary & Cross Campus Affairs welcomes ideas for collaborative education, research, and service programs designed to build on UCLA's success, and increase our capacity for interdisciplinary research, teaching, and learning.