International Conference on Mahatma Gandhi

This conference (January 30 to February 2, 2020) aims to offer a scholarly, critical, and nuanced perspective on Gandhi. The conference follows the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who is increasingly being studied as a philosopher, religious thinker, and critic of industrial modernity. It is, for example, little known that he pioneered a new form of what is these days called "interfaith" workship and diologe, and througout his life he maintained extensive dialogues with Christian thinkers and missionaries, Muslim theologians, and activists of all stripes and hues.

Forensic Architecture and Radical Practices in a Post-Truth World

The arena of human rights documentation has never been more explosive, thanks in great part to a new evidentiary movement inspired by the development of human rights technology applications and geospatial satellite imagery. Geospatial technologies represent a range of tools used in the collection, presentation, analysis, and management of location-based data.

Frances Collins, Director, National Institute of Health

Proposal to bring Frances Collins, Director of the NIH, to UCLA to discuss the intersections of faith and science, in particular how his work on the genome project is in concert with his personal religious beliefs. In addition, the proposal plans for Dr. Collins to speak with faculty regarding pedagogy related to issues of religion and science, as well as, hopefully, to discuss the development of interdisciplinary courses.