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LA’s Water Resource Future Workshop Series: Understanding Local Groundwater Storage Potential

The second workshop in the LA's Water Resource Future Series will focus on current and future groundwater basin conditions, management, and rights in the groundwater basins serving Los Angeles County. The event will engage stakeholders and the research community in order to inform both the scientific research and policy analysis and recommendations that UCLA intends to undertake under the auspices of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge. The day is set up for four sessions/panel presentations and discussions.

Smart & Sustainable Cities

Once regarded as sources of environmental degradation, cities are now widely recognized as part of the solution to living within “planetary boundaries.” But what makes a sustainable city? How can cities function in a way that enables residents to enjoy urban life to the fullest without imposing unreasonable burdens on limited resources?

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Drowning World

Drowning World Presentation by Gideon Mendel Tuesday, May 17, 2016 12-12:50PM Kaufman Hall 200 The UCLA Art & Global Health Center presents award-winning photographer Gideon Mendel, whose latest work addresses the magnitude of global climate change. UCLA World Arts & Cultures/Dance Professor David Gere and Gideon Mendel have collaborated for nearly a decade on Through Positive Eyes, a participatory photography project to fight against HIV stigma. Drowning World is Mendel’s emerging project.

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