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Our Work

Physics & Astronomy building bridges against sky

To achieve our broad goals, we work with faculty, students, and staff to stimulate interdisciplinary and cross campus collaboration, foster innovation and interest in interdisciplinary and cross campus work, improve consortium building, increase engagement in interdisciplinary fields, and facilitate academic discourse and pedagogical developments in interdisciplinary education. The Office also provides information to build capacity for interdisciplinary and cross campus education, research, and service programs.

The traditional academic paradigm based on the work of independent scholars has been shifting to greater interaction and collaboration among scholars within and across disciplines. The Vice Provost and Program Communications Manager play a leadership role in supporting interdisciplinary and cross campus collaborations. This includes conducting assessments of the campus environment and reviewing existing units to identify significant obstacles, convening working groups to design and recommend solutions, and determining how to best facilitate cross disciplinary and team teaching in non-departmentally based centers, institutes, and programs.

For further information, please see our 2017-18 Annual Report