Past to Page: A Panel Discussion with Comic Book Artists and Creators

Medieval and Renaissance themes continue to have a profound influence on contemporary comic books and graphic novels. Join Dr. Kristina Markman (History, UCLA) for a panel discussion featuring comic creators Conor McCreery (Kill Shakespeare, IDW Publishers), GMB Chomichuk (Midnight City, Infinitum, Rust and Water, Raygun Gothic) and industry veteran Howard Chaykin (The Divided States of Hysteria, Image, Marvel, and DC Comics).

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Beyond Geopolitical Imaginaries: A Trans-Pacific Perspective

ZADANKAI III – Roundtable

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of both the UCLA Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library and the UCLA Asian Languages & Cultures Department, the East Asian Library presents its third Zadankai. The speakers on two panels will discuss how to do transnational studies and its significance for the present conjuncture. They will share their methods, agendas, and philosophies in research and writing.

1st Panel: 12 pm - 2 pm

Area Impossible: Sexuality and Geopolitics


Omnia El Shakry (UC Davis), “Freud in Translation: Three Essays, A Survey, and a Group”

Rajiv Mohabir (Auburn University), “Queer Coolitude: An Indo-Caribbean Reading ”

Stephen Best (UC Berkeley), “None Like Us: Black Exception, Black Exemption”

Sima Shakhsari (University of Minnesota), “Trespassing Queer Kinship: Temporality and the Geopolitics of Attachment”

Cost : Free and open to the public; pay-by-space and all-day ($12) parking available in lot 3.

The Body as a Means for Political Mobilization: Portrait Photo between Journalism and Propaganda, Minli Pao 's covering of the assassination of Song Jiaoren as Case

Song Jiaoren(Sung Chiao-jen,1882-1913) was a revolutionist and the founder of the Kuomintang(KMT).He was assassinated in March of 1913 in Shanghai after his leading KMT to victory in China’s first democratic election.

This talk will investigate how the members of KMT who owned Minli Pao(民立报)published in Shanghai as both mouthpiece of the revolutionary party and mass media produce and use the images of Song’s corpse for the purpose of mibilizing the mass to.protest the assassination.

This talk will try to explore portrait photo’s function and practice between propaganda and


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