2019 marks both UCLA's centennial and the bicentennial of Walt Whitman. This collaboration seeks to explore the relation ship between these two milestones through Whitmania! a constellation of cultural events examinig the legacy of a poet who is a foundational figure in American culture. Often described as the first American bard of democracy and the father of free verse, Whitman is one of the world's most influential poets, and the hallmarks of his work are those of UCLA itself: radical optimism and community engagement for the greater good. The events will feature and bring together diverse UCLA faculty who are scholars and artists in a variety of disciplines, as well as special guests from other institutions and the larger Los Angeles arts and arts education community.



Affiliated Faculty

Writing Programs: Leigh Harris, Amber West, Susannah Rodriguez Drissi, Heather Nagami, Andrew Martinez, Dana Cairns-Watson, Dominiqua Dickey, Donald Vincent English: Lowell Gallagher, Reed Wilson, Stephen Yenser Spanish and Portuguese: Gabriela Venegas, Audrey Harris LGBTQ Studies: Mitchell Morris Latin American Institute: Kevin Terraciano Center for the Study of Women: Rachel Lee Law: Bryonn Bain



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