UCLA Environment & Sustainability Task Force Report

Our planet is facing unprecedented environmental challenges: climate change, the loss of biodiversity, landscape alterations, increasing human populations, shrinking resources and pollution. Environmental problems are complex and multidimensional, and require integrated solutions that leverage expertise from across diverse disciplines. To meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century, UCLA is reexamining its environmental research, teaching, and outreach programs. To help map a way forward, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Scott Waugh charged a Strategic Task Force on Environment and Sustainability to review the diverse research, educational, service and engagement efforts being undertaken across UCLA and to offer recommendations about how to better organize, promote and advance the Campus’s various contributions in this realm. The Task Force has compiled a set of recommendations in a report that is now being released. The report sets the goal of establishing UCLA as one of the premier environment and sustainability-based research universities in the world by 2019. To reach that goal, the report lists areas of potential scholarship and details suggestions for strengthening UCLA's research, educational, operational and community outreach activities.

The Task Force's report examines current activities and areas of expertise, identifies strategic principles and priority areas, and proposes concrete action steps to develop a UCLA Environment and Sustainability Initiative. For more information about the Task Force, please see UCLA Environment & Sustainability Task Force.

Download the UCLA Environment & Sustainability Task Force Report.


For more information about how courses and faculty were included in the inventory presented in these appendices, please see Definitions for 2014 Inventory. We welcome feedback on any information that you feel should be added to the Environment & Sustainability Inventory, particularly disciplinary courses that incorporate sustainability concepts.

Appendix I - Summary of the number of faculty, degree programs, and courses pertaining to environment and sustainability topics by School or College Division.

Appendix II - Information on individual faculty member activities by School or College Division.

Appendix III - Information on individual course activities by School or College Division.