A day-long series of events assembling academics and media notables from diverse backgrounds in profession, identity, and perspectives to discuss the value of information and the effectiveness of communication during the Trump era. The first panel focused on the 2016 Campaign and Media, and questioned the expectations and predictions media made in contrast to actual election results. The second panel included a guided discussion featuring a panel of journalists and scholars addressing truth in the era of Trump, including one panelist’s story of how trolls turned her life upside-down for almost a month. In the last panel, Gary Segura led a panel discussion on where the tense and complicated relationship between Trump and the Media stands now, and what we might expect over the next four years. Finally, Ray Suarez, former host of Al Jazeera America’s daily news program, Inside Story, led a lecture entitled, “What an ‘Enemy of the American People’ Has to do Now.”



Affiliated Faculty

Lynn Vavreck, Professor, Political Science and Communication Studies; Tim Groeling, Professor, Communication Studies; Gary Segura, Dean, Luskin School of Public Affairs; Zev Yaroslavsky, Director of the Los Angeles Initiative at the Luskin School of Public Affairs and Lecturer, History and Public Policy; Kevin Roderick, Director, UCLA Newsroom; Jim Newton, Lecturer, Communication Studies and Editor-in-Chief, UCLA "Blueprint"





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