This awards funds a proposal to bring speakers to campus to cover the question of "what makes a sustainable city?," covering the key areas of energy, water, transportation, the built environment (including affordable housing and shared public spaces), and the digital city & sharing economy (social and economic transformations engendered by digital communications).



Affiliated Faculty

Yoram Cohen, Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department. Stephanie Pincetl, Professor in Residence and Director, California Center for Sustainable Communities, Institute of the Environment & Sustainability. Dana Cuff, Professor of Architecture/Urban Design and Urban Planning, School of Arts and Architecture and Department of Urban Planning. J. R. DeShazo, Professor of Public Policy, Urban Planning, and Civil and Environmental Engineering; Director, Luskin Center for Innovation, Luskin School of Public Policy; Program Committee. Stuart Gabriel, Arden Realty Chair, Professor of Finance, and Director, Richard S. Ziman Center for Real Estate, Anderson School of Management. Rajit Gadh, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Henry Samueli School of Engineering. Mark Gold, Associate Vice Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability, Coastal Center Director, and Adjunct Professor, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. Peter Kareiva, Director, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. Roger Sherman, Adjunct Professor of Architecture. Martin Wachs, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Urban Planning, Luskin School of Public Affairs.





Award Period