The goal of this event is to improve undergraduate education by assessing ways to make the teaching review process result in a more representative evaluation of teaching effectiveness and efforts to improve instruction. This event is aimed at bringing together those faculty invested in reconsidering and improving the teaching evaluation process on campus. Specificall, it brings together members of the Teaching Evaluation Committee, leadership in OID, the Academic Senate, and CAP, as well as new lecturers, research faculty and division leaders, and other faculty and instructors from across campus with constructive perspectives on students' ratings of instruction, on the overall teaching evaluation process at UCLA, and expertise in assessment and survey design.



Affiliated Faculty

Albert Courey, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Division of Physical Sciences; Tracy Johnson, Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence in the Division of Life Sciences; Pat Turner, Dean & Vice Provost, Division of Undergraduate Education; Miguel Garcia-Garibay, Dean, Division of Physical Sciences; Victoria Sork, Dean, Division of Life Sciences; Jayathi Murthy, Dean, Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science; David Schaberg, Dean, Division of Humanities; Darnell Hunt, Dean, Division of Social Sciences; Robin Garrell, Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate Division; Sylvia Hurtado, Professor, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies; Members of the Teaching Evaluation Committee, Academic Senate leadership, and CEILS faculty and staff





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