This series of events, to be held in Winter 2018, brings to UCLA two leading scholars who connect ethics, governance, changes to nature, and human systems. Jedediah Purdy teaches constitutional, environmental, and property law at Duke University . Dale Jamieson is Department Chair and Founding Director of Environmental Studies and Animal Studies, as well as Professor of Philosophy , Law, and Bioethics at New York University and is author of Love in the Anthropocene. They will be joined in discussion for the keynote address by Emma Marris, a writer on environmental science, nature, policy and culture and author of The Rambunctious Garden. The visit intends to provide a platform for assisting the School of Law, the Fielding School of Public Health, and the Institute of the Environment & Sustainability to forge stronger ties and deeper engagements around social, legal, collective public health resilience, and ethical issues relating to climate change policy at the local level. These two scholars are tackling cross-cutting issues in different ways. By bringing them both to UCLA and by engaging the public, faculty, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students and undergraduates in conversations, the organizers intend to catalyze fresh thinking and the sorts of new research and teaching programs demanded by climate disruption along with other symptoms of the Anthropocene. 

The series of events will include an open keynote talk and structured dialogue, meetings with faculty, an interdisciplinary workshop including community members, small group visits with students, participation in a Fiat Lux course, and the creation of a graduate course designed to advance new collaboration across the Institute of Environment & Sustainability, the UCLA School of Law Emmett Institute, and the Fielding School of Public Health.



Affiliated Faculty

Stephanie Pincetl, Institute of the Environment & Sustainability; Susannah Hecht, Professor, School of Law; David Eisenman, Professor-in-Residence, Community Health Sciences





Award Period