Visiting Speaker Dr. Marko Vujicic, Chief Economist and Vice President of the Health Policy Institute at the American Dental Association will participate in the "No More Excuses: Transforming Children's Oral Health Care through Interprofessional Collaboration" conference, a cross-collaboration of five major UCLA departments and divisions to discuss and find solutions for combatting Early Childhood Caries and a pioneering event for systems-wide change in both the delivery of primary health and oral health care.

Early childhood caries (ECC) remains the single most prevalent chronic childhood disease that affects 60-90% of school children wordwide. ECC is a serious public health concern and epidemic, and when left untreated, ECC can lead to pain and infection, as well as difficulty in eating, speaking and learning. Due to the complex interplay of factors that affect a child's risk of developing ECC, it is crucial that we take a multidimensional approach towards ameliorating oral disease. The conference will spearhead new and necessary partnerships, as well as collaborative efforts from the fields of dentistry, nursing, medicine, public health, and public affairs.



Affiliated Faculty

Francisco Ramos-Gomez, Professor, Dentistry; Paul Krebsbach, Dean, UCLA School of Dentistry; Edmond Hewlett, Professor, Dentistry; Bill Piskorowski, Associate Dean for Community Based Dental Education, Dentistry; James Crall, Professor, Dentistry; Nadereh Pourat, Professor-in-Residence, Health Policy & Management; Clarice Law, Associate Clinical Professor, Dentistry; Nini Tran, Assistant Professor, Dentistry; Setareh Ghafourni, Assistant Professor, Dentistry; David Chin, Assistant Professor, Dentistry; Minh Tran, Director of Curriculum & Academic Enrichment, Dentistry; Steve Lee, Assistant Clinical Professor, Dentistry; Cabria Garell, Assistant Clinical Professor, Pediatrics; Wendy Slusser, Clinical Professor, Pediatrics and Community Health Sciences; Stephanny Freeman, Clinical Professor, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences; Tanya Paparella, Associate Clinical Professor, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences; Chi-Hong Tseng, Associate Adjunct Professor, Medicine; Anne Coleman, Professor, Ophthalmology; Linda Sarna, Dean, UCLA School of Nursing; Inese Verzemnieks, Lecturer, Nursing; Moira Inkelas, Associate Professor, Health Policy & Management; Michael Prelip, Professor, Community Health Sciences; Tiffany Cvrkel, Lecturer, Moledular, Cell & Developmental Biology; Manisha Shah, Associate Professor, Public Policy; Thomas Coates, Professor, Medicine





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