Michael Hulme is Professor of Geography at Cambridge. He was previously Professor of Climate and Culture at King's College London, and was the founding director of the Tyndall Center for Climate Change resaerch. He led the preparation of UK climate scenarios. Hulme was part of the group that received the Nobel citation in 2007 for work on climate change in the IPCC. He is also a founding editor of Wiley interdisciplinary Reviews Climate Change. He is the author of numerous books, incluidng the seminal "Why we disagree about climate change," and more recently "Weathered,"
 which reviews the cultural history of the idea of climate. He has published more than ten books. He is one of the rare scholars who effectively bridges disciplines to confront the constraints and limitations of climate politics, is widely published with more than 40,000 Google citations. Hulme is both a quantitative climate scientist and a humanist and published across multiple disciplines. His experience with leading multidisciplinary research teams should also help us approach the configuring climate questions within cultural politics.



Affiliated Faculty

Susanna Hecht, Professor, Urban Planning; Alex Hall, Professor, Atmospheric Sciences; Thomas Smith, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Ursula Heise, Professor, English; Sassan Saatchi, Professor, Institute of the Environment & Sustainability; Stephen Acabado, Associate Professor, Anthropology





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