Collaboration between Center X in the Graduate School of Education and the Mapping Indigenous LA project to offer a series of teacher training workshops. The first workshop partners Gabrieleno/Tongva community educators with K-12 LAUSD teachers to develop curriculum in an effort to provide alternative materials for the long-problematic “4th grade mission assignment.” Building on the successful digital storytelling project that maps the multiple layers of Indigenous Los Angeles through oral history projects with community leaders, youth and elders, the next phase is to develop curriculum to support and guide classroom teachers to implement a more accurate curriculum in relation to the Indigenous peoples of Los Angeles and to develop further teaching materials to accompany them. Further information on the Indigenous LA Mapping Project can be found on its website.



Affiliated Faculty

Maylei Blackwell, Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Chicana/o Studies and Gender Studies; Annamarie Francoise, Director of Center X, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies; Mishuana Goeman, Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Gender Studies and American Indian Studies; Emma Hipolito, Director of UCLA History-Geography Project; Wendy Teeter, Curator of Archaeology, Fowler Museum





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