This collaboration is a series of two public, weekend programs that bring together artists and academics who engage machine learning algorithms in their work. This interdisciplinary collaboration will explore the social, political, and generative dimensions of machine learning through recent arts and scholarship. We envision the weekend as a way to connect UCLA's arts and technology community and the larger Los Angeles public with an accessible and exciting primer on machine learning and how algorithms are changing finance, media, and society.

Often under the banners of "artificial intelligence" and "deep learning," machine learning algorithms have become central to numerous interlocking domains of social and political reality, including: predictive policing, self-driving cars, credit scoring, medical diagnosis, financial modeling, advertisement technology, social networking, and logistics. Investigating these applications of algorithms and their far-reaching ethical implications seems an urgent task of our age. With this event series, we want to highlight the role of artists as investigators, makers, and innovators, as wel contribute to this task. The planned day-long programs will use art as an entry point to address topics such as: types of machine learning algorithms, dissecting a neural network, coding visual, audio, and text processing programs, and the ethics and politics of algorithms. This event series responds to a need in the Los Angeles community to foster understanding and literacy regarding machine learning. By creating a space that connects machine learning artist-practitioners and the scholars who study the social repercussions of algorithms, the program will model artist-led, interdisciplinary scholarship, and engage the public in understanding the workings of algorithms and their effects.



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Willem Henri Lucas, Professor, Design Media Arts; Sarah Roberts, Assistant Professor, Information Studies



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