This year-long program on issues surrounding digital media archives and collections brings to UCLA representatives from twelve different universities and archiving institutions. The series will include four three-hour public roundtable discussion sessions as well as a final, post-series planning discussion to develop plans for future actions and continuing collaborations. Series goals include developing effective policies and strategies for growth and management of digital collections; developing effective outreach strategies and tools for enhancing research and educational value of digital collections; and promoting collaboration between faculty and archivists at UCLA and at other institutions throughout the country. The four session themes are: Collection Sustainability (Fall 2017), Access and Outreach (Fall 2017), Data Management (Winter 2018), and Legal and Ethical Issues (Spring 2018).

Speaker list: Robert Browning, Professor of Communication & Political Science and Director of C-SPAN Archives, Purdue University; Karen Cariani, Senior Director of WGBH Library & Media Archives and Project Director for United States Library of Congress’ American Archive of Public Broadcasting; Kenneth Crews, Professor at Munich Intellectual Property Law Center; Arnold Hirshon, Associate Provost and University Librarian, Kelvin Smith Library, Case Western Reserve University; Eric Hoyt, Associate Professor of Communication Arts, University of Wisconsin–Madison; David Pierce, Assistant Chief, United States Library of Congress National Audio-Visual Preservation Center; Rick Prelinger, Associate Professor of Film & Digital Media, University of California, Santa Cruz; Alan Rubel, Associate Professor of Library and Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison; David Seubert, Performing Arts Collection Curator, Special Research Collections, University of California, Santa Barbara; Pamela Vadakan, California Audiovisual Preservation Project Coordinator, University of California, Berkeley; Audra Eagle Yun, Head of Special Collections & Archives, University of California, Irvine Libraries; Mark Williams, Associate Professor of Film & Media Studies, Dartmouth College.



Affiliated Faculty

Shawn VanCour, Assistant Professor of Media Archival Studies, Information Studies; Michelle Caswell, Assistant Professor, Information Studies; Tim Groeling, Professor, Communication Studies; Francis Steen, Associate Professor, Communication Studies; Stephen Mamber, Professor and Vice Chair, Cinema & Media Studies; Miriam Posner, Core Instructor and Profram Coordinator, Digital Humanities; Aaron Bittel, Adjunct Assistant Professor and Head of Digital Projects, Herb Alpert School of Music; Maureen Russell, Adjunct Assistant Professor and Archivist-Librarian; Mark Quigley, Manager, FTA Archives Research and Study Center, Film Television & Digital Media; Xaviera Flores, Chicano Studies Research Center Archivist & Librarian; Dalena Hunter, Librarian, Center for African American Studies; Virginia Steele, University Librarian





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