Support for planning meeting to develop collaborative workshop series that will serve to initiate and resolve difficult dialogues that transcend a number of contemporary racial/ethnic, class, gender, and political issues. Interdisciplinary and community-based collaborative efforts will serve to highlight the educational value of diversity, promote opportunity to learn how to engage in difficult conversations across differences, which will contribute to a positive campus and community climate. Workshops resulting from the planning meeting will involve UCLA faculty, staff, students, and community.



Affiliated Faculty

April Thames, Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Department of Psychiatry; Gail Wyatt, Department of Psychiatry; Belinda Tucker, Vice Provost of the Institute of American Cultures; Sandra Graham, Chair, Department of Education; Eraka Bath, Department of Psychiatry; Claudia Kernan, Department of Psychiatry; Lynn Gordon, Dean for Diversity Affairs, David Geffen School of Medicine; Kimberle Crenshaw, UCLA School of Law; Darnell Hunt, Department of Sociology.





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