This award provides funding for a symposium, lecture, and workshop, which will convene a group of researchers, scientists and community-based researchers, artists, documentarians, and policy makers to assess the gendered impacts of (primarily endocrine-disrupting) chemicals on human populations. By marshaling a variety of perspectives—laboratory, ethnographic, epidemiological, and narrative, this transdisciplinary collaboration will seek to explore how gender has made a difference in the public’s knowledge with regard to the cumulative effects of environmental toxins.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the topic, participants will include a group of feminist biologists, chemists, clinicians, humanists, public health researchers, scholars in disability studies, and medical sociologists and historians.



Affiliated Faculty

Patty Gowaty, Distinguished Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Rachel Lee, Director, Center for the Study of Women, Professor, Departments of English and Gender Studies, Faculty Affiliate, Institute of Society and Genetics.





Award period: