Two workshops to be held in Spring 2016 to engage interdisciplinary discussions and exchange of views regarding art, its restoration from the the perspectives of philosophers, conservators, restorers, art historians, materials scientists and artists. From the two workshops, a new interdisciplinary collaboration will be forged with the aim of holding a regular series of seminars on art and restoration which will be a cross-campus activity, ranging from Materials Sciences in the School of Engineering to Philosophy in the Division of Humanities.



Affiliated Faculty

David Scott, Professor, Art History; Ioanna Kakoulli, Professor, Materials Science, Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science; Ellen Pearlstein, Associate Professor, Information Studies, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies; Gavin Lawrence, Professor, Philosophy; Andrew Hsu, Professor, Philosophy; Miwon Kwon, Professor, Art History; Meredith Cohen, Associate Professor, Art History.





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