Inaugural seminar, student discussions, and film screening of Alexis Gambis' film "The Fly Room," as the first in a series of interdisciplinary seminars around "Science in the Media." Alexis Gambis will participate in discussions of his film and his career, as well as the process of scientific research, the role of science in society, and the role of media in portraying science accurately to the public.

The ongoing seminar series will include Biomedical Research, the UCLA Career Center and Partnerships UCLA, Department of History, Institute for Genetics & Society, and the Department of Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology.



Affiliated Faculty

Faculty participants: Saori Haigo, Lecturer, Biomedical Research; Rafael Romero, Continuing Lecturer, Biomedical Research; Utpal Banerjee, Professor & Chair of Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology and Chair, Biomedical Research; Sheila Benko, Associate Director, Partnership UCLA: Allison Carruth, Associate Professor of English, Institute for Society & Genetics, and Institute of the Environment & Sustainability; Soraya de Chadarevian, Professor, History and Institute for Society & Genetics; Jon Christensen, Adjunct Assistant Professor, History, Center for Digital Humanities, and Institute of the Environment & Sustainability; Ursula Heise, Professor, English and Institute of Environment & Sustainability; Victoria Vesna, Professor, Design Media Arts & Director, UCLA Art | Sci Center.





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