23rd Annual Joint Symposium on Neural Computation

This awards provides funding to host the 23rd annual Joint Symposium in Neural Computation (JSNC) at UCLA. JSNC is a regional meeting of Southern California computational neuroscience researchers (http://inc.ucsd.edu/ann-symp.html) that was founded by Terry Sejnowski of the Salk Institute. The meeting brings together scientists and engineers in Southern California who are interested in the study of neural computation, a highly interdisciplinary field that lies at the intersection of many disciplines including biology, computer science, physics, mathematics, and engineering. This year’s sessions will covers integrated topics including neuroengineering, brain-inspired computing, and theoretical neuroscience.

Affiliated departments: 
All affiliated faculty: 
Hugh T. Blair (organizer), Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychology Department. Mayank Mehta (co-organizer), Professor of Physics.
Start date: 
Friday, April 15, 2016 - 15:00