Affiliated Faculty

Victoria Marks, Associate Dean, School of the Arts & Architecture; Peter Sellars, World Arts & Cultures; Scott Waugh, History; Tyler Burge, Philosphy; Herbie Hancock, Music; Jennifer Mnookin, Law; Bryonn Bain, World Arts & Cultures/Dance, African American Studies; Kelly Lytle Hernandez, History; Eugene Volokh, Law; Barbara Kruger, Art; Kyle Abraham, World Arts & Cultures/Dance; Thomas Bradbury, Psychology; Dan Blumstein, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Ursula Heise, English; Mark Gold, Environmental Science; Neil Garg, Chemistry; Ananya Roy, Social Welfare; Pedro Noguera, Education; Hiroshi Motomura, Law; Leisy Abrego, Chicana/o Studies; Jerry Kang, Law





Award period: