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About Us

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Vision - Enhance UCLA's societal contributions through interdisciplinary programs

Mission - ICCA facilitates crossing disciplinary boundaries in pursuit of knowledge and solutions.

Many of Society's most pressing problems and most interesting questions do not fit neatly into traditional discipline-based categories.  Answering these conundrums will require individuals with diverse training, expertise and experience to pool their talents in pursuit of common goals. At the same time however, most universities use long-recognized school- and departmental-based structures for allocating human and other resources into research and educational programs.  If universities are to maximize their potential as centers of innovation and educators of tomorrow's leaders, they will need to unleash faculty, staff and students to chase ideas and opportunities unbounded by time-honored disciplinary terrains. Working with colleagues across the Campus, our vision is to enable the full capacity of UCLA’s collective community to answer Society’s most thought-provoking and important challenges.

UCLA has a long tradition of interdisciplinary research and education, with the first interdisciplinary programs having been established more than 60 years ago.  Though a long history of interdisciplinary efforts exists, undertaking interdisciplinary programs remains problematic in conventional university systems.  We look for ways to align our efforts and resources in ways that do not favor one organizational classification over another, but rather exploit the combined strengths of our faculty, staff and students in the creation, dissemination, preservation and application of knowledge for the betterment of our global society.