Interdisciplinary Fields

There are many different definitions of "interdisciplinary." For the purposes of the Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program, eligible student projects must include at least one faculty mentor from both a Professional School and a College Division, two separate Professional Schools or Divisions, or a Professional School or College Division and an Organized Research Unit.

Mentors can come from two of the Professional Schools and/or College Divisions, or from one of these and from an Organized Research Unit, but both mentors cannot come from the same school, division or unit. For example, a student can have one mentor from Comparative Literature and another from the Luskin School of Public Affairs, but they cannot have one mentor from Comparative Literature and another from Linguistics, as both of these departments are in the Humanities Division.

Professional Schools

    School of Arts & Architecture
    School of Dentistry
    Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
    Henry Samueli School of Engineering & Applied Science
    Herb Alpert School of Music
    School of Law
    Anderson School of Management
    David Geffen School of Medicine
    School of Nursing
    Luskin School of Public Affairs
    Jonathan and Karin Fielding School of Public Health
    School of Theater, Film and Television
College of Letters and Science Divisions

    Life Sciences
    Physical Sciences
    Social Sciences
Organized Research Units

For a full list, please see Organized Research Units.

For further questions, please contact Kate McAllister, Administrative & Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Research Center – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.